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Segways Tours

Join the Segway Sensation SA Team and experience all the iconic sights of Glenelg on a Segway.

Segway Sensation SA tours strive to offer a different type of adventure. We work very closely with the highly passionate and dedicated team to offer you a truly memorable experience.

We give you a short training session before we head out on our guided tour.

Gliding on a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is an amazing experience! Just step on and your instincts take over. Simply lean forward slightly and the PT will move in response, gently moving you and keeping you balanced.

Computers and motors in the base keep the Segway PT upright when powered on with balancing enabled. Users simply lean forward to go forward, lean back to go backward, and turn by using a “Lean Steer” handlebar, leaning it left or right.

Details on Glenelg Segway Tours to be released soon.

For more information visit Frquently Asked Questions.


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