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Lodge a Development Application

STEP 1  - Find out if approval is required

Any use, works or structure which constitutes as 'development' under the definition provided by the Development Act, 1993 will require a Development Application to be lodged. There are, however, some exemptions provided under the Development Regulations, 2008. The Department of Planning and Local Government provides information pertaining to works that don't require approval. Please click here for more information.

STEP 2 - Ensure you know which Council to contact

If you are unsure which Council a particular property falls within, please check via the Local Government Association website by clicking here.

STEP 3 - Submit the correct information and avoid delays.

When submitting an application it is important that you provide all of the relevant information to avoid delays in the assessment process. Council has created a checklist to aid in the compiling of information for the lodgement of an application. The following information must be provided in order for your planning application to be assessed:

All of the application forms you will need can be found within our Permits & Applications page.

Council may choose not to lodge your application if you fail to provide the level of information stated in the checklist.

STEP 4 - Lodge your application and pay the required fee

We accept applications at the front counter of the Civic Centre (24 Jetty Road BRIGHTON), via the post or email to If you post or email your application an invoice will be forwarded to the Applicant for payment of fees (once fees are paid your application will to proceed to an assessment).

STEP 5 - Track your Development Application

Upon lodgement of your Development Application, we will provide you with a 'development number' which can be used to track your application's progress via our Development Application Register.

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