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Environmental Volunteering

We have a strong and committed environmental volunteer group. We acknowledges the important and invaluable contribution that volunteers make in helping to build a rich and healthy local environment.

Our environmental volunteers spend over 1000 hours each year working in our natural areas and native gardens. Their tasks include weeding, planting, watering seedlings and ongoing monitoring. This work helps to rehabilitate our natural areas and protect valuable habitat for our native animals.

Environmental volunteers work in the Brighton to Seacliff dunes, Gilbertson Gully, Barton Gully, and the Kingston Park Cliff Face, as well as our native gardens at the Civic Centre and the Kingston Park Yurlo Wirra Coastal Garden. Activities for environmental volunteers include:

  • Bush regeneration and dune restoration
  • Weed removal, planting and caring for local seedlings
  • Environmental events such as Clean Up Australia Day and National Tree Day
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