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Council Committees

Business Papers outlining the issues and reports for discussion during the meetings are made available on Fridays prior to a meeting.  Copies are available online or hard copies can be viewed at the Brighton Civic Centre.  Minutes of the meetings are available online and at the Brighton Civic Centre on the Friday following a meeting.

We actively encourage members of our community to attend Council Committee meetings. Please understand that while meetings are open, it is not possible to join in the debate to speak to Elected Members during the meetings.  On some occasions, meetings are closed when topics of a confidential nature are being discussed.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is established in accordance with the Local Government Act 1999 and the functions of the Audit Committee include:

  • Reviewing annual financial statements to ensure that they present fairly the state of affairs of the council
  • Proposing and providing information relevant to a review of the council’s strategic management plans or annual business plan
  • Proposing and reviewing the exercise of powers under section 130(A)
  • Liaising with the council’s auditor
  • Reviewing the adequacy of the accounting, internal control, reporting and other financial management systems and practices of the council on a regular basis.

Download the Audit Committee Terms of Reference - 12 September 2017(136 kb)

Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee

Jetty Road Mainstreet  Committee (JRMC) Meetings are held in the Glenelg Library Meeting Room on the first Wednesday of each month.

The Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee is established to advise Council on:

  • Enhancing and promoting the Precinct as a vibrant shopping, leisure and recreational area with year round appeal to residents and visitors
  • Furthering the economic development of the Precinct and encouraging further retail investment in the Precinct
  • A consistent marketing and brand strategy for the Precinct
  • Initiatives required to operate the Precinct in accordance with the Council’s Strategic Management Plans

The Committee will also maintain communication between the Council, traders, landlords, tourism providers, consumers and residents in the Precinct.

Download the Jetty Road Mainstreet Commitee Terms of Reference(326 kb)


Alwyndor Management Committee

Alwyndor Management Committee Meetings are held at the Alwyndor Aged Care Facility on the third Tuesday of each month.

The Alwyndor Management Committee is established to manage the affairs of Alwyndor Aged Care.

Download the Terms of Reference for the Alwyndor Management Committee(147 kb)

Download the Delegations for Alwyndor(280 kb)

Strategic Planning & Development Policy Committee

Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee Meetings are held on an as-needed basis.

The committee is established for the purposes of:

  • Providing advice to the council in relation to the extent to which the council’s strategic planning and development policies are in accord with the Planning Strategy as formulated under the Development Act 1993
  • Assisting the council in undertaking strategic planning and monitoring directed at achieving :
    • Orderly and efficient development within the area of the council
    • High levels of integration of transport and land-use planning
    • Relevant targets set out in the Planning Strategy within the area of the council
    • The implementation of affordable housing policies as set out in the Planning Strategy within the area of the council
    • Other outcomes of a prescribed kind (if any)
  • Providing advice to the council in relation to strategic planning and development policy issues when the council is preparing :
    • A Strategic Directions Report
    • Development Plan Amendment Proposal

Terms of Reference - Strategic Planning & Development Policy Committee(108 kb)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets on an as needs basis to recommend and advise Council in relation to the Chief executive Officer’s annual performance appraisal including setting annual objectives.

The functions of the Executive Committee are:

•         To recommend to Council the form and process of the Chief Executive Officer’s annual performance appraisal;
•         To undertake the annual performance appraisal;
•         To provide a report and to make recommendations to Council on any matters arising from the annual performance appraisal.

The Executive Committee’s authority extends to making recommendations to Council and does not have any authority to make decisions in relation to the Chief Executive Officer’s employment arrangements.

Membership of the Executive Committee comprises:

•         The Mayor;
•         The Deputy Mayor;
•         Four other Elected Members being one from each Council ward, appointed by Council, namely Councillors Smedley, Snewin, Charlick and Bradshaw


Download the Executive Committee Terms of Reference - 2015(461 kb)



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