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Holdfast Bay has everything on offer, including 11km of Adelaide’s best, most  accessible  beaches

Justin LynchIf the South Australian ‘crown’ has a jewel, surely it’s Holdfast Bay. The birthplace of this state, our homes, buildings and environment are rich in character and history. Just 20 minutes from the Adelaide CBD to our own thriving retail, business and entertainment district, and five minutes from Adelaide airport, with an efficient, effective public transport network (including tram, train, bus and bikeways) − we’re easily accessible. With every business from light industry to high-end tourism outlets and all the butchers, bakers and artisan shoemakers you could hope for in between − we’re well-serviced.
But it’s our 11km of sandy, white beaches that define our character and our enviable lifestyle. There’s just something about being able to start, break or end your day with a lungful of fresh, pure sea air that invigorates the body, mind and spirit.
So, come to Holdfast Bay. Go straight to the beach. Take off your shoes, plunge your toes into our soft white sand and take in the far horizon. Then take a deep breath and turn around. Take in our city and imagine yourself here.
You’re welcome.

Justin Lynch
Chief Executive Officer
City of Holdfast Bay

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